Volunteers help us do so much more than we could without them. We particularly need your help in our after-school reading and homework clubs. We’re joining the global fight to reduce learning poverty.

The challenge: only 53% of children in low and middle income countries like Kenya can read and understand a simple text at age 10.

Our solution is simple: Read aloud with kids. Read to them, listen to them read, help them sound out the words and encourage them to presevere until they master the skill of reading.

We need more volunteers to help us read with the many children who visit our library each day. We also have opportunities for volunteers to help kids with homework, run art, poetry or music sessions, help with our football club or discipleship sessions.

If you would like to volunteer your time and share your skills and talents, we would love to hear from you! Fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.


“My daughters and I have volunteered at The Library. When we visit Kibera we are filled with joy by the enthusiasm, happiness and positivity of the children. They are all keen to do lots of different craft activities and especially love stickers!” – Caroline

“We helped the coaches with the football and mentoring clubs, we read with the children that came into the library and taught a short lesson at the school. I loved the free time we had with the children especially in the library where they got me to draw different animals and things like that really showed me that joy is accessible through the ‘small things’ in life.” – Dan