Meet Delina, a fun-loving and happy young girl. She’s the firstborn of three children and lives with her mother. Delina’s father left home during the COVID-19 outbreak, deserting the family when her mother was expecting a baby. During the Christmas holidays, Delina’s mother gave birth then later began experiencing complications. This left Delina no choice but to care for her sick mother, younger sibling, and newborn baby.

The 10-year-old cleans, cooks, and washes clothes and takes care of everyone at home. Despite all these responsibilities, she attends our Transition Class to catch up with her studies. Delina is very active both in class and outside. She has a strong positive will to make it through life.

We first met Paul during one of our home-study visits. He is the firstborn of the three children in his family too. Before coronavirus, Paul had been out of school for a whole year nursing his single mother who had been bedridden after falling ill. Then, during the first wave of the Coronavirus in Kenya, Paul’s mother left home deserting him and his siblings. Being the responsible 15-year-old he is, he took care of his siblings until his grandmother stepped in to look after them.

Paul’s mother came back home after a while and took Paul and his siblings back home. His mother continues to struggle, so Paul still takes care of his siblings. Paul is now enrolled in our Transition Class, where he is doing well. Despite the things he has gone through, he strives to achieve the best in life. Paul is a bright young scientist and a keen footballer. He hopes to be an engineer one day in the future.

Delina and Paul are two amazing young people who have stepped up to care for their families when their parents were overwhelmed by the difficulties that 2020 presented. Though both continue to have a lot to deal with at home, we’re delighted that they are back in school and getting support from our team.