“Hosanna! Hiyah! Blessed be your name, hoo-ha!”
Our grade 4 and 5 students belted out this song at full volume while throwing out karate moves in the recent holiday clubs.

In our first holiday clubs since the pandemic began, we explored the power of choice. Over two weeks, we met with our upper school students and secondary school students. The kids had a ball learning new games and songs while the facilitators took every opportunity to help the children reflect and learn.

The children we work with are exposed to a lot at a very early age. We aim to help them understand what they see happening around them and make good choices.

The youngest group of 10–11-year-olds were so open as they shared the things that cause them stress. They mentioned hunger; when family members fight; or when someone they care about gets sick as causes of stress. Together, they brainstormed positive ways to manage stress rather than turning to other negative choices.

The 12 to 13-year-olds went out to talk to our neighbours about the strengths and challenges in the community. The group reflected on how much they can learn from people in the community. There are many everyday examples of people finding their way through struggles to reach their goals.

The secondary school students had a chance to fact-check myths they had heard around reproductive health with a doctor. The students are scattered around different secondary schools around the country. The clubs were an opportunity to catch up with old friends. Our team checked in on the students’ school reports and reflected on their goals from previous clubs.

The common theme through the clubs was the Easter story. Learning that while as humans we all make bad choices sometimes, there is grace and forgiveness and a way to make things right.