This desk represents the journey of a young man whose path crossed ours many years ago and whose journey thus far has caused us great joy.

Frank , now 21,came to us as a young boy who could barely read, write and expressing himself was a challenge. He joined Turning Point in Class 4 and first went through our transition class to prepare him for formal schooling as he had missed a few years of schooling. The transition journey was definitely an uphill task but he finally joined primary school. However, due to the poor foundation he had prior to joining our education program, Frank did not perform so well in his final primary exam.

He was determined to not let what would seemingly appear as a major obstacle stop him. He, with Turning Point’s support, began a course in mechanics that took a year. Life would however reveal that his passion did not lie in mechanics and when he stumbled upon carpentry, his passion was ignited.

Frank recently visited Fountain of Hope primary school and he came bearing gifts, a desk and a chair. A very timely gift as we expand to full capacity next year. Full capacity means that we will finally become a full primary school next year and we will have the first class sitting the National Primary exams.

His visit reminded us that the work we do has the ability to change the lives of the children who come our way and when we do all we can do to inspire these children to never give up on themselves, great things can happen.