We support children through secondary school and vocational training

The Challenge

The number of children completing primary school and going on to secondary school in Kenya continues to be low. Only about 56% of secondary school age children are enrolled in secondary school (Kenya National Bureau of Statistics). Career opportunities for those with no further education beyond primary school are limited.

Our Approach

We support children to attend secondary schools and vocational training. We enable children to gain the further education and practical skills they need to start their chosen career.


An 11-year-old Elijah first came to Turning Point after his uncle brought him to Nairobi from his rural home. Elijah’s parents were very poor and the concerned uncle wanted Elijah to have more opportunities. Elijah had not missed a lot of school so Turning Point sent him straight back to primary school which he completed in 2010. Likeable and outgoing, Elijah had no problem making friends in a new place. He joined the Turning Point Football Team and never missed a practice. Every year, he joined other children supported by Turning Point to attend a holiday camp. His absolute favourite activity at camp was swimming.

After primary school, Elijah went on to study mechanics at a polytechnic college. He earned his certificates after two years and underwent an internship. He so impressed his boss with his skills, hard work and character that he had a job all lined up at a garage in Nairobi when he finished his course.

Elijah’s life has turned around – from a poor rural home with very few opportunities to a well-paid and steady job in the city.Elijah has worked hard and grown into a responsible young man who Turning Point are so proud to have a relationship with.