Many children in Kibera are left behind in education. Many do not have the opportunity to complete primary school and transition to secondary school.

Shelly joined the TP school transition programme at the age of 9, after staying out of school for 2 years. Her mother is a single parent and the sole breadwinner of their family. Shelly is the first child and naturally she is expected to help look after her 2 younger brothers while her mother is out looking for work. This forced Shelly to grow up and take on much responsibility at a young age.

In the programme, Shelly was older than most of her peers in her class, but this did not stop her from going after her dreams. Through support and mentoring by her teachers, Shelly’s leadership skills were developed. She was then elected by other students to become the school president. This pushed Shelly to continue leading by example and to be the best student she can be.

Shelly’s hard work and good character paid off when she passed her final primary school examinations and was awarded full scholarship into a girls’ secondary school. “I didn’t think I would ever finish primary school and join secondary school” said Shelly as she narrated how hard her life was before she joined Turning Point.

The Fountain of Hope school aims to provide a quality, holistic education that supports the children to thrive and achieve their full God-given potential. This support continues after the children transition to secondary school.The TP secondary school programme supports children to attend secondary schools and vocational training.

We enable children to gain further education and practical skills they need to start their chosen career. We do this by partnering with likeminded secondary schools and businesses that uphold hard work and good values.We also run retreats and camps during school holidays to catch up with students like Shelly and many others.

Our staff are always present and ready to listen to their triumphs or struggles on academics, careers, psychosocial issues and offer them support. We value maintaining these relationships beyond the primary school. We find joy in knowing that they feel supported even when they are away from us.