We prepare children for school

The Challenge

Preschool builds the foundations for life-long learning and yet 16% of children in Kenya do not attend preschool. Like five-year-old Evans whose parents live on less than $2 a day in the sprawling informal settlement of Kibera. Evans’ parents are already paying school fees for three older siblings in primary school and cannot afford the fees to send Evans to preschool as well.

When both parents are busy making ends meet, Evans is left with a neighbour. She keeps an eye on him but its easy enough for the inquisitive child to wander off exploring. The risks are numerous to a small child in Kibera. Turning Point’s Preschool provides a safe environment for children like Evans to learn and thrive.

Our Approach

We run a free preschool for children like Evans in Kibera who don’t have the opportunity to attend a preschool.

Our preschool provides a safe environment for children to play, explore and grow. Each day involves a fun-packed programme of play-based learning, circle games and sports. The kids receive a healthy breakfast and lunch each day and our social workers work closely with families to promote positive parenting at home.

Our Impact

Evans is now in our preschool learning to count and read. He loves doing puzzles and building houses and cars out of playdough. He makes lots of noise with his friends as they play football on the playground. Evans is gaining the foundational knowledge that will help him to do his best in primary school.