All of the children in Turning Point’s programmes have spent time out of school in the past when their parents could not afford the fees. With schools closed, they find themselves at home again. We asked them how they’re getting on…

9-year-old Mercy joined our School Transition Programme in January this year, she was busy catching up on grade 4 work excited to go back to school. But now she finds herself out of school again. Mercy has kept busy at home reading the revision workbook her teachers provided when schools closed. She also has lots to do around the house, babysitting her younger siblings: washing dishes and cleaning the house.

“One thing I am enjoying about being out of school is having time to play with my friends at home but I miss my friends from school.” Mercy hasn’t seen her school friends for three months now. Her biggest prayer request is for schools to reopen.

Alex is 10-years-old and in grade 4 at the Fountains of Hope School. He spends most of his days just wandering around Kibera, he does a little bit of reading at home. He is bored and fed up with the situation. His family are struggling to provide enough food at home and he misses the school meals he normally has at school. He also really misses his school friends. His prayer request is that his parents could find work, prayers for his safety and prayers that schools would reopen soon.

Selina is 10-years-old and in grade 2 at the Fountains of Hope School. She’s spending her time out of school playing at home and helping with household chores. Selina is continuing to learn at home by watching educational cartoons.

“I am enjoying spending more time with my parents at home,” Selina says. However, as a family, they are struggling and often only eat one meal a day. Selina’s prayer is for protection and for schools to reopen soon.


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