“Tony is now playing in the national youth league with Cheza Sports! And 2 other boys have joined the Cheza Sports Academy, one of the top football academies in Kenya!” reported the coach of the Turning Point Football Club (TPFC) during a recent managers’ meeting. There was celebration and awe at this news.

Tony was enrolled into the Fountain of Hope school in 2015 at Grade 5, and due to his love for football he joined the TPFC soon after. While at the club, Tony was able to sharpen his skills in football as well as build his character in the field and in general as a young boy.

Coach Brian, who is a great role model and mentor to the boys in the club, supported Tony to avoid negative influence much present in the community and encouraged him to work hard in school as much as he did playing football.

The club’s main objective is to build character among players, nurture their talent and to promote growth through partnerships with existing football organizations, schools and academies with the aim of seeing the children thrive in the sport. Currently, the club has 51 players in categories under – 12, 13 and 15 year olds.

Juliet, a former TPFC member, did very well in her final primary school exam and because of her passion and skills in football she was able to get full sponsorship into a local girl’s football secondary school in a couple of months.

Extra-curricular activities like football, mentorship, journalism etc. have contributed to the holistic development of the children at the Fountain of Hope School. Many children have developed their passion, skills and talent in different areas and children like Tony and Juliet are on the right path to achieve their full potential.