“I want to score 300 or more in my end of term exams”

“I want to become a better footballer”

“I want to stop using bad language”

These are a few of the goals our current Transition Class students set at the beginning of the school year with the help of their mentor teachers. The students returned to school after a long time out of school, their mentors supported them as they settled in school.

The mentors helped the students to problem-solve during their regular check-ins. Belinda was struggling to reach her goal to improve her reading because she did not have time outside of school to practice. Belinda and her mentor decided they would talk to her guardian to reduce the number of chores she had to do after school so that she had time to read.

Michael’s goal was to stop getting into fights and his biggest challenge was when his friends mocked and provoked him. His mentor helped him to think through different ways to respond to his friends without resorting to fighting.
With support from their mentors, the students are learning that they can achieve a lot when they set a goal and work towards it.