We admitted 40 new children into our School Transition Programme in January. It’s always a joy to meet these new kids. But, there’s a hint of sadness as we listen to stories of children who come to seek a place in our education program.

One notable story is that of Cynthia, Cynthia grew up in Nairobi and lived with her father. Her father provided everything she needed to lead a healthy life. One day, thugs injured her father during a robbery and he was in the hospital for a long time. This one incident changed Cynthia’s life. Her mother left, she dropped out of school and had to go live with her father at their rural home.

Cynthia’s hopes to have a healthy life appeared to be fading until her auntie paid them a visit. Moved with compassion, her auntie travelled back to Nairobi with Cynthia. Her spouse did not support this move and would not support Cynthia to start school as the year started. The auntie was distraught.

At this point that our paths crossed and Cynthia joined our Transition Class. Her presence in transition has had a ripple effect. Her father can now rest easy knowing his daughter is going back to school. Her auntie no longer feels like she made the wrong move bringing Cynthia to Nairobi. Cynthia is paying no school fees and receives two meals in school, so her uncle doesn’t feel the strain of taking care of an extra child.

Cynthia’s journey back to school is just beginning, but we already see the impact of hope restored.

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