When I was in campus I took a class on Poverty and development and one definition of poverty that has remained with me is that poverty is the denial of freedom to choose. This is a quote from a UN Statement on poverty signed in 1998 by heads of all UN agencies.

I believe that education within or without the walls of a classroom opens up the choices an individual can access. Building a child’s self-awareness, self-efficacy, creativity, cognitive abilities, social skills and any other competency taught and modeled in an education setting allows the child to be aware of the many choices available to them.

In the community we work in, I believe one of the choices that education affords the children is the choice that their lives could be different from that of their parents. It’s the awareness that they carry unique value, that’s needed in their families, community and nation and with this awareness they make decisions that safeguard the value they carry.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” These words by Nelson Mandela remain true and I believe that it not only changes their outer world but also their inner world.

– Brenda Kaloki – Programs Coordinator, Turning Point Trust-Kenya.