Can you run? Bake? Cycle? Make delicious jam? Why not do these things for Turning Point? Its super easy to set up a fundraising page on Justgiving and get fundraising for Turning Point. You could do something as a family, get your class or your church involved. Get some people together, have some fun and make a difference to families in Kibera.

Get sponsored by friends to complete a challenge.

You could enter a local marathon or bikeathon or make up your own challenge. Like a sponsored swim or a sponsored silence. Get sponsored to live a day without electricity or a month without social media.

You can download our printable Sponsorship form or set up an online fundraising page though JustGiving. Let us know what you’re planning to do and we’ll help you get the word out!

Food is always a win.

Do you work in an office? Why not bake a big batch of goodies to share with your colleagues and ask for a small donation. Bake Sales are always a success, because… cake.

Play your part in empowering children and families in Kibera by raising funds.

We could not do what we’re doing in Kibera now without your support. Fundraising is a great way to make a difference while also having a great time with friends. Challenge yourself!

Share your special occasion.

Whether its your birthday, wedding, anniversary or baptism, you can set up an online fundraising page and ask people to make a donation instead of getting you a gift.

Run a fundraising event.

A fundraising event can be as simple as inviting friends over for dinner or afternoon tea and taking the opportunity to share about the cause you care about. You could serve foods that are popular in Kenya or ask everyone to dress in the colours of the Kenyan flag.

Or you could gather a team of friends to organise something bigger. Put on a quiz, host a movie night, or a comedy night or an open mic… Think about all the talented people you know who might help you put together something great.

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