We walked through the streets of Kibera and made many stops at the various homes. “Hello, where is Mama Mimo?” we asked a vendor next to Mama Mimo’s vegetable shop. The vendor directed us to where we would find her. It was a hot sunny day and Mama Mimo was seated under an umbrella behind her shop. The moment she saw us, her face lit up in a smile. We could tell she was happy to see us.

We then took a short walk to her house, where she welcomed us warmly and set each one of us a glass of drinking water. The condition of her home had improved compared to the last visit we had in 2019. Mama Mimo couldn’t hold back her excitement and began telling us how much Turning Point has helped her daughters, Mimo and Njeri, in school. She also went ahead to add that her business of selling vegetables is doing well. She could not stop mentioning how grateful she was.

In all homes, we sat and talked to the parents and guardians and listened to them as they shared about their victories and struggles. Not all homes had improved conditions. Some were stagnant, while others were struggling to get a meal in a day. As they spoke to us, we would identify how positive and hopeful they were. As we ended our visit with Mama Mimo, she said, “We always live each day worrying about the next, but God is the one who provides. So why worry when He is our Sole Provider?”

Once a year, we accompany our social workers to visit the home of every child we support. When Covid-19 struck the country last year, we had to close down all our programs, hence not being able to do the annual Home Study activity. This year we managed to visit the homes and have a chance to catch up on how the families are doing. Visiting these homes always leaves us with a lesson each time. Even if they live in difficult conditions, they still have a positive mindset and a strong faith in believing that God will always provide, no matter what.