In July, we hosted some of Turning Point’s Alumni at our school. The group of 20 young people came to represent a much larger group of alumni who have been re-connecting over the last few months via whatsapp.

They were amazed by how our programmes have grown. Many were seeing our school buildings in Mashimoni for the first time. The classrooms they used were just mud walls, now we have two-storey brick buildings.

They served the students their meals, shared memories and some were brave enough to share their stories with the entire primary school. One by one they spoke of how their lives had changed either because of opportunities taken or missed. These stories carried with them laughter, encouragement and hope. The event had a great impact on our current students.
The young people are all in different situations, many have jobs, some don’t, some have started their own businesses. Some are still living in Kibera, many have moved to other parts of the city. All of them have great friends from their time with Turning Point, it was beautiful to see how they continue to support each other.