Every other Monday, 12-year-old Jered joins his friends at the library after school. They meet for a joint mentor session with Coach Brian. Jered loves talking about football with his friends. He never thought about how he could apply what he learned on the pitch to the rest of his life. Like on the pitch, he’s responsible for protecting the goal, if he neglects his post the team will lose the game. In life he has responsibilities too and if he neglects them, he will lose out.

Every Tuesday, 2-year-old Maggie comes to listen to stories at the library. She loves how Teacher Rose makes funny voices when the characters talk. She has learned the names of animals as she looks at the big pictures in the colourful books.
9-year-old Caleb looks forward to Fridays. After school he rushes to the library to do art with his friends. He loves drawing, he always doodles in the back of his school books when his teachers aren’t looking. At the library he gets to use coloured pencils and felt tips that he doesn’t have at school or at home. One time his work was displayed on the library wall.
When 10-year-old Jennifer has homework to do, she hates doing it at home. Her younger brother is always playing loudly with his friends. She sits in the doorway and balances her books on her knees to do her homework because it’s too dark inside the house. She likes to go to the library to sit at a table and get her work done undisturbed.
Martha is the chairperson for her ‘chama’ – a savings group where she saves money from her small business with her friends. Each week she gathers the group together to collect contributions and talk about issues the group is facing. They use the library hall on thursday mornings for their meetings.
The Library runs a host of activities each week for children of different ages and provides space for community groups to meet. From story-time for pre-schoolers to mentorship for teens.