Bob’s *(not his real name) story as narrated by Brenda.

“Plenty is said about Kibera and most times it is said in a negative light, but to me Kibera symbolizes  hope and wealth for this is where my hope for a better future was renewed.

I trace my roots to a land beyond the borders of Kenya and growing up there, to parents who had no source of income, was difficult. I stopped going to school at some point and I would spend my days doing house chores and herding other people’s cattle to earn a little money.

My story changed when my brother brought me to Kibera, Nairobi and my now guardian took me to Turning Point. I joined the transitional school in Kianda and now am in class 5 at Fountain of Hope Primary. Now, I can express myself in English, something I couldn’t do back home since we did not learn English in school. I enjoy Maths and my favorite teacher is my Maths teacher who doubles up as my class teacher.

Turning Point has proved to be my family away from home. My guardian cares for me but sometimes she lacks money to provide uniform for school and the school supports me. Some days the only meals I have are the ones I get to eat at school. Apart from finishing school to college level and supporting my family, my dream is to be a footballer and am already working towards that by being part of TPFC, the school’s football team.

Kibera is where my hopes and dreams have sprung again and they stay alive every day I walk through the gates of Fountain of Hope.”


There are many other similar stories to that of Bob, by supporting the work of Turning Point Trust ,you touch and change the lives of many children and consequently many families and generations to come.

Thank you for renewing the hope of vulnerable children and their families in Kibera.