Football is a big deal in Kenya and everyone has their team. It might be in the local Kenyan Premier league, a team from the English Premier league, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga or Italian Serie A. Everyone has their team. Small shacks in Kibera show big matches from all of these leagues for a small entry fee.

For the kids at Fountains of Hope, football is not just a spectator sport thanks to Turning Point Football Club. Three times a week coach Brian trains the TPFC team. They work to develop their individual skills and strengths and learn to work together as a team.

In August the team participated in a local league and showed top form in some friendly matches against some other teams from Kibera.

The team huddle up for a pep talk from Coaches Brian and Hussein and Kibera Centre's Director Kariuki.
The team huddle up for a pep talk from Coach Brian and Kibera Centre’s Director Kariuki.

TPFC is not just fun for the kids, it is both good for their physical health and a way for them to channel their energies into something positive. Peer pressure is a real issue in Kibera leading young boys especially into drugs, crime and gang life. So its great for our kids to have a different option after school, to go and play football with their friends and spend time with Coach Brian who is a great older role model. They’re learning teamwork, good sportsmanship and fair play. They’re learning to control their anger when the game isn’t going their way. They’re learning that through hard work and practice you can master any skill.