The past few months has seen Turning Point pursue a new partnership with AAR (Africa Air Rescue) Healthcare. This partnership was fuelled by our desire to see our children benefit from their Trees for health program that focuses on health issues such as deworming, the environment and outreach programs such as career talks in schools.

The first fruit of this new partnership was experienced on Friday 15th July as a team of 10 staff members from AAR Healthcare visited the Fountains of Hope Primary School. The team included a doctor, two nurses, a pharmacist, two ambulance drivers, two office administrators and two members of the T4H program. The children could not hide their excitement as they warmly greeted each of them as they introduced themselves.

The number of aspiring doctors in Fountain of Hope is quite impressive as almost half of the school raised their hands when they were asked who wanted to be a doctor. However, few understood just how important a nurse was and therefore one of the nurse gave a brief career talk on what it took to be a nurse and what her work entailed. Hopefully after she was done the number of aspiring nurses had risen.

The morning conversation shifted to matters worms when Gertrude, leader of the team, ran an interactive session with the children on the importance of deworming and ways the children could keep themselves from worm infestation. The smiley faces quickly shifted to nervous grins as the entire AAR team wore gloves and administered the deworming pills to each child and this marked the end of AAR’s visit to the school.

We are grateful that through this partnership we can now be able to contribute further to the health of the children in addition to all we do. We hope that our children in the long run will not only be healthier but will also be advocates of deworming in their homes and community.

Written by Brenda Kaloki