I have heard of stories and read on the blog of women whose lives have turned around. Women who have moved from desperation to independence. Women who once had little hope but are now springs of joy and laughter. I, together with you, have read and will continue to read success stories birthed by the microfinance program and together we will celebrate.

However, today my focus of celebration takes a shift from the amazing things the women are doing to the amazing team behind these women. Today I celebrate the microfinance team. These men and women act as agents of change to the women crossing their paths. In what seems like an everyday ordinary, even routine affair, this team is planting seeds of hope and water the gardens of aspirations.

When you spend time with this team, you realise how much they pour into this work and how strong their resolve is because the challenges they face as they live and work in Kibera are yet to stop them.

Microfinance team, may you continue to bear fruit and fruit that would remain.

Written by Brenda Kaloki